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The Listowel BIA is a recipient of the 2019 Libro Prosperity Fund Grant. We will be using these funds towards WIN THIS SPACE 2020. Thank you Libro Credit Union for your continued support of our business community! If you would like more information or are interested in sponsoring this amazing program, contact us today!

thank you libro!

Thank you Libro!


On Saturday, August 24 we picked up our cheque from Libro for WIN THIS SPACE 2020! Thank you Libro Credit Union for your grant and your continued support! 

Our 2020 Win This Space partners


Available spaces in listowel!

Check out these available spaces currently in Listowel:

Here is a list of current spaces available for rent:   

  • 120 Argyle Ave N 
  • 115 Argyle Ave N   
  • 105 Elizabeth St W   
  • 145 Main St. W
  • 120 Wallace  Ave N   
  • 360 Wallace Ave  N  
  • 780 Wallace Ave. N  
  • 975   Wallace Ave N Unit C   
  • 975 Wallace Ave  N Unit B  
  • 135 Mitchell Rd. S

Contact us for more details on these available spaces. 


Questions and Answers


Who is eligible to participate in “WIN THIS SPACE”?

The competition is open to all legal residents of Canada, 19 years of age or older at the time of submitting a business idea for the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition. The applicant must be living in the Province of Ontario. 

What type of business could I set up as part of “WIN THIS SPACE”?

Proposed business ideas can be submitted for businesses, which would be independently owned by one person as a sole proprietorship or owned by 2 people as a partnership. Franchises will not be considered for the competition.  The business must conform to zoning by-law requirements. Contact Economic Development Coordinator Kim Kowch at 519-292-2043 or kkowch@northperth.ca for further clarification.

Can you currently own a business and still enter “WIN THIS SPACE”? Display real testimonials

Yes you can!  If you have solid multi-tasking skills, then submit your idea. However, your business idea entry must be with the intent to introduce, open and operate a new business concept, not already promoted in your existing business/location. All home based businesses will be considered.

Can you submit more than one idea?

Certainly, go right ahead!  If you have a few ideas that are viable businesses for Listowel, then submit them. However, note that only one of your ideas can be selected to participate in the next stage of the competition, since candidates will be required to focus on only one business idea during the workshops.  It is imperative that if selected, you would focus your time and energy into detailing your concept so that you would have one solid Business Plan for submission to the Judging panel. Please note that all decisions made by the judges will be FINAL and not open for review or discussion.

How long of a lease will the winner be expected to sign for their new space?Share the big news

The WINNER of “WIN THIS SPACE” must commit to signing a minimum 1-year lease. Space cannot be rented until the completion of the contest.

What can the prize money be used for?

By accepting the prize, the WINNER commits to using the cash prize for the first year’s lease of a space available, specifically for the “WIN THIS SPACE” contest. The winner will select one of the available spaces within the business district, as approved by the “WIN THIS SPACE” committee at the end of the competition.   

When would I be required to lease space to set up my new business?

The Winner would need to commit to lease one of the available spaces by October 1, 2019 of being awarded the title of WINNER of “WIN THIS SPACE”. The WINNER will be announced at the FINALE in June 2020.  Execution of a formal agreement between the WINNER and the Listowel BIA will be required prior to awarding any and all prizes. 

Do I need to work in the business on a daily basis?

No, you are not necessarily expected to work in the winning space/business on a daily basis; however, the Business Plan created during the workshops and subsequently submitted to the judging panel must reflect appropriate salaries and related expenses. These would need to be detailed in your financials.

Who will see my Business Idea Entry & Business Plan submission?

Your business idea entry and business plan submission may be seen by: 

· Lisa Schaefer, Coordinator, Listowel BIA

· Alex Toll Lender, Advisor, Agriculture and Rural Economic Development

· A Board member of the Listowel BIA

· A member of the WIN THIS SPACE 2020 Working Committee

· A past winner of the North Perth Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

· Winner of WIN THIS SPACE 2020

 All submissions will be kept confidential and all selections, judgements and decisions of the judging panel are final and binding.  

Other Questions about “WIN THIS SPACE”?

Please contact Lisa Schaefer, Listowel BIA Coordinator at lschaefer@northperth.ca or by calling 519-444-8233.  Best of luck to all who submit an idea! 

“WIN THIS SPACE” Contest Rules and Regulations will be made available to candidates, before, or at the first workshop.  Once the “WIN THIS SPACE” Rules & Regulations have been read, each candidate will be requested to sign and agree to the terms as specified.

“WIN THIS SPACE” contest Rules and Regulations are subject to change and updates will be posted on the Discover Listowel website.

2018 Winner - McIntosh Farms - butcher shop is OPEN!



McIntosh Farms - Butcher Shop is open for business.  They are located at 167 Argyle Ave N in Downtown Listowel.  

Their hours of operation are:



They would love to see you!



Congratulations to Erin McIntosh of McIntosh Farms!  She has won the Grand Prize Package for WIN THIS SPACE Listowel! 


Erin McIntosh, McIntosh Farms

Erin McIntosh was born and raised on a farm outside of Hesson and was in the barn with her father every chance she was given. When she married Shawn McIntosh in 2005, they knew they wanted to raise many types of livestock in a way that would allow their kids to be right there by their side feeding and caring for their animals. They moved to a farm outside of Atwood in 2010 to start their own farm. In 2012, they started their amazing journey of grass feeding their cattle and sheep and soon added poultry and pigs – creating their own healthy ecology. While changing their lifestyle and farming practices they started direct marketing from their farm to customers, restaurants and at the Slow Food market in Stratford. They are ready to expand their business with a butcher shop in Listowel.  It is Erin’s goal to show people there is another choice - another way to farm and another way to eat!

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